Universal Life Church
Apostolische Christliche Gemeinde ULC

Universal Life Church of Englisch

We are an apostolic Christian congregation within the Universal Life Church, and we see ourselves in direct following of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the apostles and the apostle Mary Magdalene and the early Christian concregations !

We are people who live and work in following Christ.

Our motto is:

" Do what is right. "

Our Christian community is committed to the Holy Scriptures,
consisting of the Old and New Testament, the Gospel according to Maria Magdalena, the Acts of the Apostles,
the Epistles of Paul and the Revelation of John and the Apostles' Creed.

Scripture forms the basis of our church life and we recognize no authority other than it on matters of faith.

Our clergy work voluntarily and we meet
in our house chapel or in apartments
of our members to worship,
Bible study groups and other events.
We see our missionary mandate in
proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and our fellow man through works of charity
to serve as the Savior charged us
before he ascended to his kingdom.

Matthew 28; 18-20

Our Church is open to everyone and no one is marginalized
no matter which religious community he or she belongs to,
and what tradition he or she comes from,
or not believe.
Everyone is welcome to our community
to support them in their work or in the church services
and other events,
even without being a member of our community.

Matthew 6; 1-4, Acts 4; 34.35

We see ourselves as part of a worldwide peace church
and we meet other Christian churches
and other religions with respect, love and respect,
and we seek dialogue with everyone within the framework of ecumenism,
and strive for any kind of collaboration that arises from it.

We are committed to freedom of religion
and for the practice of peaceful religious acts
without outside interference, be it from a church
or a government.
We stand up for human rights, freedom of belief,
Peace and nonviolence, and for the law
of every state we live in
as long as the basic human rights
to be protected and defended.
Our church rejects any kind of anti-Semitism,
Xenophobia and racial hatred,
and we stand up for the separation of church and state!

We are not a sect, we do not recruit members
(also no poaching of members from other churches)
and do not require any donation payments
or other contributions!

Should we still receive donations,
so they will be 100% immediately
used for charity!